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What do we offer?
About us
We are two young Web designers from Krakow. We have several years of experience working in the field of computer graphics and programming. Not only are we full of ideas, open to new challenges, and creative, but we are also constantly evolving, expanding our capabilities and acquiring new skills. We have a wide range of interests and, fortunately, our work is one of them.
Project implementation
In our projects we focus on simple, fully functional and innovative solutions. What distinguishes us from the others is, first of all, low and reasonable prices while maintaining the highest standards. Every project is executed and priced individually, based on the concept of the project itself, its complexity, as well as on the amount of time and work that will be required to complete it. We approach each project in a professional manner, thereby offering the realization of every project at the highest level. We make every effort to adapt to our client’s needs and we are always happy to offer our help.